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Armscor VRF14 Semi-Auto 12 Gauge Review: One Serious Firearm

The Armscor VRF14 is the first semi-automatic short barrel firearm of its kind; it boasts a familiar pistol-style grip so you can shoot 12GA shells from the hip. Here's a full review.

Armscor VRF14 Semi-Auto 12 Gauge Review: One Serious Firearm

Just getting the hang of things and having a blast. The VRF14 comes back quick, and you had best hold on tight.

It is pretty easy to get jaded as a gun writer. The steady flow of high-capacity 9mm carry guns, the endless array of AR-15s, bolt action rifles in yet another sniper configuration, or lightweight hunting rifles that promise to bruise your shoulder and leave you cross-eyed from recoil. You know you’ve been at it too long when yet another brown cardboard box falls off of the delivery truck, and you do not have that “spark of joy” that Marie Kondo speaks of.

So, the latest box arrives, and I open it without even looking to see who it is from. I slide the inside box out, and see the Armscor label, and figure “Oh, this should be of interest.” And then when...

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