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Advanced Broadhead Tuning

Broadheads and fieldpoints often impact differently downrange. Here are some effective ways to diminish the problem.

Advanced Broadhead Tuning

Regular, repetitive shooting practice is vital to successful bowhunting, and a bow that shoots broadheads and fieldpoints nearly in the same hole has a way of accentuating this entire process.

A well-practiced archer is typically a more effective bowhunter. Simply put, the more an archer shoots, the more automatic and more refined his or her muscle memory becomes.

This is crucial when the moment of truth arrives, because despite excited nerves that can quickly ruin a great shooting opportunity, the brain’s subconscious function eventually takes control of the shot, delivering what it has done time and time again: A smooth, fluidlike execution that ends with a deadly arrow through the animal’s vitals.

Without constant, repetitive, and well-thought-out shooting, this type of performance is just not possible. Of course, part of this shooting must be done...

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