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How to Add Casting Distance to Reach Bigger Fish

Long-distance casting: Cover more water with these helpful tips on gear and technique.

How to Add Casting Distance to Reach Bigger Fish

Small-diameter lines, long rods and efficient technique work together to help you cast lures farther and cover more water. (Photo courtesy of AFTCO)

Being able to make really long casts is a big advantage in many fishing situations, like when fishing from a pier or the shore or when wading. It is also advantageous when the water is calm, clear and shallow. The farther you can throw a crankbait, the deeper it will run. And, of course, the farther the cast, the more water you can cover.

That all sounds great, but how do you go about it? Here are some tips to get you reaching out the next time you hit the water.


Former U.S. national casting champ David Roberts knows how to cast great distances. Roberts competed for years, and along the way learned how to get the most out of his equipment. While his...

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