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9 Handguns Under $300

Price is one key aspect of a handgun purchase. Some of these affordable options are higher than $300, but many retailers will discount from 10 to 15 percent, bringing them in line cost-wise. 

9 Handguns Under $300

There are plenty of low-cost options for those looking for a handgun for home defense or concealed carry.

For many people, price is a key aspect to any handgun purchase, and guns—like everything else—get more expensive every year. How low can you go? I looked around to find handguns with price tags under $300. Now, if you look on manufacturers’ websites you may see that a couple of my choices exceed that mark—at least by the suggested retail price. However, having worked in retail, I know many stores discount handguns anywhere from 10 to 15 percent off this price.

Of course, if any of these guns are hard to get, fewer discounts may be found, and prices certainly could have risen since I compiled this list. But if you need a gun on a tight budget, this is a good...

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