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9 Top Pre-Season Shooting Tips

Practice these now so you're ready when the shot really counts.

9 Top Pre-Season Shooting Tips
You can only focus on one thing for about seven seconds. So, it is critical to learn when to lock in your aim so you aren’t mentally exhausted by the time the shot finally arrives.

From the annals of Petersen’s Bowhunting...

After 45 years of bowhunting, I have compressed my pre-season prep to a short list of key checkpoints. If I focus on each one and get them right, I know I will be ready when the shot comes in the field. Here are the nine key shooting tips proven to get me ready for action:

Relax Your Bow Arm & Hand

A relaxed bow hand has become critical to my annual preparation. If I am seeing poor groups and maybe even slashing arrow flight, I first look to my bow hand. Actually, getting this right starts with eliminating tension in your feet and legs. That leads to your entire body feeling more relaxed. Everything...

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