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The 8 Best Bear-Defense Handguns

Bear attacks are on the rise, and having the right sidearm might save your life. Here are eight great options

The 8 Best Bear-Defense Handguns

With expanding bear and human populations, bear/people conflicts are becoming more common, and a defensive handgun can help keep you safe.

2021 was an extraordinarily bad year for bear attacks. Between 2000 and 2015 there were, on average, 1.6 fatal bear attacks in the United States per year. As of the end of August 2021 there have been six. Bear populations continue to expand and humans increasingly come into contact with these animals more often. Grizzly populations have expanded to over 700 in the Yellowstone ecosystem, and their range has tripled in the last four decades. But black bear numbers are also on the increase, and as more humans venture into their habitat bear/human conflicts, though still rare, and happening more frequently.

Whether you’re a hunter, hiker or simply live in bear country it’s...

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