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7 Proven Ways to Improve Rifle Accuracy

Looking for ways to improve the accuracy of your rifles? Here are seven proven things you can do to tighten groups; most can be completed in your shop with the right tools.

7 Proven Ways to Improve Rifle Accuracy

Centuries ago, controversy raged about why rifled muzzleloaders were more accurate than smoothbore guns. Proponents claimed that because the ball fired downrange by the rifle was spinning rapidly, the devil couldn’t ride it and lead it astray. Opponents argued back that somehow the spiral grooves gave the devil control, enabling him to guide bullets to more deadly ends.

Yes, it really was a thing. Neither argument held water, as time would prove. Today, however, we still occasionally battle inaccurate rifles, sometimes to the point we’d willingly believe one is possessed.

Usually, the answer is simpler than scheduling an exorcism. Here are seven different...

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