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7 Great Handgun Reflex Sights

Longer-lasting batteries and increased durability make today's optics easy-to-maintain additions to your conceal-carry pistol. Here are 7 handgun reflex sights ideally suited for self-defense.

7 Great Handgun Reflex Sights

Reflex sights are huge these days because they simplify the aiming process and increase the accuracy of shooters of all levels.

Our modern age has brought alternative sighting via reliable electronics to handguns in a big way in the form of laser sights and now small, electronic red-dot sights fitted atop the slide. The downside of electronics is the use of batteries, but battery life is surprisingly long today. Besides, just like rotating out the ammo in your magazines, changing out the battery on a routine basis will keep your sight running like a top. Even though most batteries will last for years of modest use, it is a good idea to have planned intervals for changing them.

Today’s sights are very durable and take the repeated abuse of the side cycling. Look for ones that have housings tough enough...

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