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7 Cartridges for Killing Coyotes

Killing predators cleanly requires the right cartridge for the job.

7 Cartridges for Killing Coyotes

Whether old school or cutting-edge, the cartridges on this list are prime for predators.

As the old saying goes, “The best coyote gun is the one you have in your hand when you see a coyote.” But for those of us who enjoy agonizing over rifle type, make, model, and just the right configuration of coyote cartridge, well, the world is our oyster.

Thanks to modern cartridge designs and to advancements in cutting-edge projectiles and fresh new loads for classic cartridges, hunters now have a better selection to pick from than ever before. Here are seven of the best cartridges, from proven classics to a few young upstarts that have a promising future in the hands of capable coyote hunters.

.204 Ruger

If you’re a fur collector, this cartridge...

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