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6 Must-Visit Late Season Bird Hunting Destinations

If you couldn't get enough dog work and fistfuls of feathers, several states offer opportunities long after the holidays.

6 Must-Visit Late Season Bird Hunting Destinations

Your bird hunting adventures don't have to end just because the season closed in your home state. (Photo By: Scott Linden)

Late last fall in a time zone different from home, we sat on the tailgate toasting a stellar day with an old single malt. The spicy, peaty dram chased the growing chill and slowed our emotional pace enough so we could revel in every quivering point, each toe-curling flush, and the vividly-colored wild birds brought to hand.

Between belly-warming sips, David asked “What is it about this point in the season that makes it so special?” “Simple,” I replied, then poured us each a refill. “Let me count the ways: little competition, friendlier weather, welcoming communities and landowners, unpressured birds, cooler conditions for our dogs, and a different face...

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