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5 Intruder Tactics to Trick Whitetail Bucks During Rut

Convince a mature buck that an interloper has invaded his turf. Then use it against him.

5 Intruder Tactics to Trick Whitetail Bucks During Rut

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A heavy-racked buck grunts and snort-wheezes, challenging the intruder. Hairs stand on end, legs stiffen, ears pin back and heads lower. They circle one another, looking for a weakness and anticipating the first move. Testosterone levels skyrocket. A moment of suspense precedes the plunge. Two scar-ridden bucks clash in an epic battle for dominance.

This is a common occurrence during the whitetail rut, and it's one that hunters can mimic to convince a buck that another mature deer has moved into its core area. To do that, you must trick the buck's senses. It's all about realism—and selling the pitch.


The first step in staging a mock...

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