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5 Best E-Bikes for the Outdoors

When it comes to enjoying everything the outdoors has to offer, whether that's hunting or adventuring, E-bikes have changed the game. Here are five to consider if you're in the market.

5 Best E-Bikes for the Outdoors

E-bikes are sure to give you an advantage when you reach the end of the pavement.

The country held some great mule deer, but access was tricky. Miles of pancake-flat prairie separated me from cedar-sprinkled hillsides and endless acres of steep, rocky canyons. Overnight camping wasn't allowed, and I knew I needed an edge — a way to cover the open ground quickly and be back in the muley money before dawn's first glow. I didn't find my edge that first year, but when I came back to the area for the second time, a powerful e-bike was latched down firmly in my...

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