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4 Simple Tricks for Tuning Your Bow

Boost your accuracy with these fast fixes.

4 Simple Tricks for Tuning Your Bow

A well-tuned bow is an accurate bow, capable of producing Robin Hoods such as this one shot by author and Editor Christian Berg.

There’s no deeper rabbit hole in archery than bow tuning. If you don’t believe me, visit a dozen pro shops and ask for their best bow-tuning advice. You’ll likely get a dozen different answers, and the crazy thing is, they are probably all right!

Truth be told, the quest for a perfectly tuned bow is never-ending. Think about it; the performance of each bow is determined not just by the bow itself but by the bow’s interaction with multiple accessories, including the bowstring and cables, arrows, arrow rest, bow sight, peep sight, stabilizers and more. Change any one setting on the bow or an accessory and you’ve changed the bow’s tune. Did your...

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