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.300 PRC vs. .300 Win Mag: Rifle Cartridge Comparison Review

Want to know which is better, the classic .300 Win. Mag. or the cutting-edge .300 PRC? We did, too, so we put them through a rigorous review.

.300 PRC vs. .300 Win Mag: Rifle Cartridge Comparison Review

There are two big differences between the .300 PRC (left) and the .300 Win. Mag. (right). The PRC shoots high-BC bullets faster and better. The Win. Mag. is readily available anywhere in the world.

When the .300 PRC (Precision Rifle Cartridge) was announced, most shooters scoffed: “Just what we need—another .30-caliber magnum.” It seemed like the proverbial answer to an unasked question.

Then, savvy shooters took a closer look and were impressed. They gave it a try and became even more impressed.

Within three short years, the .300 PRC became the primary .30-caliber magnum challenger to the worldwide king of the .300s: the .300 Winchester Magnum. That’s a meteoric rise in prominence, rivaled only by its own smaller sibling: the 6.5 PRC.

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