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.270-Caliber Rifle Cartridge Revival

Today's better bullets mean better ballistics from .270-caliber rifles.

.270-Caliber Rifle Cartridge Revival

Whether you decide to breathe new life into an old .270 Winchester by giving it a new fast-twist barrel, opt for the efficient, impressive 6.8 Western short-action magnum, or jump in with both feet and get the daddy dragon of them all—the 27 Nosler—you’ll be better served by the .270 than ever before. (Petersen's Hunting photo)

In recent years supporters of the venerable, 95-year-old .270 Winchester have been asking, “Hey! What about the good old .270?” Among modern long-range shooters, respect for Jack O’Connor’s favorite is nonexistent.
Meanwhile, new cartridges such as the 6.5 PRC, 28 Nosler, and .300 PRC have been leaving the .270 Win. in the dust. Ballistically, with their fast-twist rifling and high-BC bullets, these new cartridges walk all over the .270.

Unfortunately, the .270’s relatively slow 1:10 rifling twist, as spec’d in SAAMI’s reg book, won’t stabilize the stretched-out, heavy, streamlined bullets that offer extremely high ballistic...

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