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The Staying Power of the .257 Roberts Cartridge

Some older cartridges seem to persevere in spite of newer and possibly better competing cartridges. The excellent .257 Roberts is one.

The Staying Power of the .257 Roberts Cartridge

The .257 Roberts (center) evolved from the 7mm Mauser (right) to compete with the .250 Savage (left) for the “quarter-bore” market. Handloading the Roberts unleashes its full potential. 

The .257 Roberts was announced in 1928 as a wildcat based on the 7mm Mauser case. The “quarter-bore” was fashionable due to fine game performance demonstrated by the .250 Savage. The wildcat became the “.25 Roberts,” honoring its lead developer, Maj. Ned H. Roberts, a well-known outdoor writer and experimenter.

The final form of the .25 Roberts was only slightly changed from the 7mm Mauser. In addition to a smaller neck, the wildcat had a shallower 15-degree shoulder angle and a slightly shorter case. It did not take long for custom riflemakers to begin building .25 Roberts rifles. Then, in 1934, Remington took interest.

Remington’s .25 Remington...

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