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12 Great 6mm Cartridges

While the 6mm-caliber cartridges that can be considered “great” are few in number, some have long and storied histories.

12 Great 6mm Cartridges
Many 6mm-caliber cartridges are used for various shooting purposes because they provide excellent accuracy and light recoil. Some of the greats are (from left) 6mm BR Norma, 24 Nosler, .243 Winchester, 6mm Remington, and .240 Weatherby Magnum.

Only a few metric calibers have been really popular in the United States—6.5mm and 7mm—so the “Great 6mms” are relatively few in number. Some have long and storied histories, while others are just now making their own legends. Here’s a quick look at the best of this cohort.

.243 Winchester

Any discussion of great 6mm cartridges must start (some would say end) with the .243 Winchester. It debuted in 1955 and has been immensely and justifiably popular ever since. It is based on the .308 Winchester case, necked down with no other change.

Winchester’s strategy for the .243 was twofold and well thought out. First, the cartridge was...

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