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11 Ways to Get the Perfect Shot Opportunity

Broadside and quartering-away shots are the goal, but they're not always going to be presented without some strategy on our part.

11 Ways to Get the Perfect Shot Opportunity

The author is all smiles over this big South Dakota buck.

It's a sickening feeling when you come within inches of the goal, only to fail. Many a “shooter” buck has walked by a bowhunter unscathed. This is true even for deer that were within range but didn’t offer shot opportunities. Such is life for dedicated bowhunters.

If every archer got a shot at each buck they saw, their trophy rooms would look a lot different. Unfortunately, not all hunters take advantage of all the tools at their disposal to increase the number of shot opportunities they get.

The Perfect Shot Angle

An untold number of campfire discussions have centered on what the perfect archery shot looks like. Some say it’s broadside. Others...

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