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10 Things to Keep in Your Deer Pack at All Times

What to put in your hunting pack: No matter if you hunt with a bow or firearm, here's essential gear to always have with you.

10 Things to Keep in Your Deer Pack at All Times

Packing Out Heavy: If coming out of the woods or off the mountain is all about coming out heavy with a big set of antlers and a load of fresh venison, a key to such success is to go in with a hunting pack that has the right tools at a hunter's disposal.

I've been in a few needed-gear discussions through the years, and my pack is wiser and better for it after such campfire sessions.

In fact, if you happen to look through my pack right now, odds are you'll find a few of those must-have items that weren't always there before; things like a book or magazine to read, a roll of toilet paper, and a copy of the latest hunting regs.

By the way, if you're going to rummage through my hunting pack, be sure to put down that package of

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