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10 Commandments of Early Season Whitetail Hunting

September is much maligned by many whitetail hunters, but it's a great time to kill a mature buck.

10 Commandments of Early Season Whitetail Hunting

Heat and bugs be damned. There's no time like the present, when deer are at their most predictable, to fill a tag. (Photo by Bob Robb)

Common deer-hunting dogma emphatically states that hunting whitetails during the early season is a fool's game, that all you can do when the weather's hot, the bugs are out, and the bucks are lethargic is screw everything up for later in the year.

To that I say, "Hogwash!"

I've always believed there are two times (the rut notwithstanding) when you have a great chance of tagging a mature buck: The late season, when bitter cold drives deer to food, and the very early archery season, when bucks remain in small bachelor groups that often follow...

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