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Fly Fishing for Spanish Mackerel

Spanish mackerel are a prime target for fly fishing

Fly Fishing for Spanish Mackerel

Longshank hook, with winging material tied aft, is good buffer against those teeth.

Just about every stretch of Florida coastline, Atlantic or Gulf side, has Spanish mackerel depending on the time of year. I’ve caught many on fly in Florida Bay, Biscayne Bay, along the Ten Thousand Islands, inside the Indian River Lagoon and along its adjacent beaches and the drill is pretty much the same everywhere. Find the fish. Cast your fly. Move your knuckles outta the way on that first blistering run!


Mackerel make it as far south as Florida Bay by late October and then head back north along the Florida Gulf coast by late April or early May as the water temp rises (macks prefer water temps above 70 degrees). Fly fishers can expect to see...

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