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Selecting the Right Fishing Kayak Begins with the Hull

Pick a 'Yak: What best fits your style of fishing?

Selecting the Right Fishing Kayak Begins with the Hull

Fishing kayaks often haul a lot of gear, making a stable hull design a necessity. Stability is the primary feature of the Old Town Topwater.

No kayak will perfectly do everything an angler might want it to during a year’s worth of fishing. It’s impossible for any one kayak to handle rough water, smooth water, streams and rivers, windblown bays and sounds, and calm lakes with the same level of performance.

Anglers who seek the most efficient and comfortable kayak for their purposes need to closely examine the available boats and hull designs before making a choice. There is no single element that determines the success and pleasure of a kayak angler more than the hull.

This is where the boat meets the water, and how these two elements interact will largely dictate how well the kayak works in specific...

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