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6 Top Long-Range Hunting Scopes

A growing class of scopes combines versatile reticles and fast controls for maximum precision at distance.

6 Top Long-Range Hunting Scopes

The Leupold VX-3HD is a perfect scope for those looking for long-range accuracy at a price that won’t break the bank.

My buddy Eric was determined to hunt Wyoming Range mule deer with his chassis rifle. He shot it so well, out beyond 1,000 yards, and had so much confidence in its repeatable precision that talking him out of the idea of deer hunting with a 12-pound rifle was futile.

A couple of days into our horseback hunt, a coyote crossed the trail, trotting away but not yet in full afterburner flight. Eric dismounted, somehow shucked the behemoth rifle from the saddle scabbard, threw himself prone, deployed his bipod, and asked for the range. “Two-eighty,” I whispered. He fiddled with the turrets. But now the coyote was at 330. I reported the range. More turret twisting. New range:...

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